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C Y Consulting & Creative

Together, let's defy the ordinary and craft a remarkable journey.
Celebrating individuality, authenticity, and the untamed spirit with outdoor photography, videos, traditional archery instruction, and more!

We thrive on collaborating with those who embrace their rough edges, defy conformity, and dare to be different in the age of average.

Words in the Wind


Cowpolks Working Cattle in Montana - Yana Robertson - CYCC Photography (25).jpg
Working with Yana was an absolute delight. Her photography skills are unparalleled, and she have a unique ability to capture the essence of individuals and environments. Her dedication to showcasing the beauty of unconventional subjects truly sets her apart."

Josie, Rancher & Wild Outdoors Woman

About Us





At CYCC, we are a dynamic duo consisting of Cody and Yana, passionate about creativity and embracing a lifestyle off-the-grid in the beautiful landscapes of Montana. We bring a unique blend of skills and expertise to the table, specializing in photography, videography, traditional archery instruction, graphic design, website design, and more. With a focus on capturing the essence of our surroundings and telling captivating stories, we strive to create extraordinary experiences, visual storytelling, and innovative designs that break boundaries. Together, we embrace the unconventional and push the limits of creativity, making CYCC a hub of inspiration and collaboration.

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